Support Apprenticeshop Programs through Custom Boat Design, Boat Restoration, and Traditional Boat Building Projects.


For almost forty years, the Apprenticeshop has been using traditional wooden boats as a vessel to teach patience, determination, cooperation and perseverance.  In doing so, we have also built some of the most beautiful, purposeful boats designed for work and pleasure in the last 100 years.

Our Apprenticeship program is largely based on commissions, both philosophically and practically. As an educational tool, commissions allow apprentices to work on many different designs and gain experience in a wide variety of building techniques. When a 10’ Abeking and Rasmussen yacht tender is being built next to a 24’ lobster boat, a great deal of information is shared between crews as apprentices ask each other questions and discuss building techniques. Since other schools often build many boats of the same design, commissions make our program unique.

Boat For Sale

a15smIntroducing The Apprentice 15. This double-ended day sailor was designed by The Apprenticeshop’s Kevin Carney and built at The Apprenticeshop. She boasts cedar on white oak, latpstrake construction, dynel deck with white oak trim, sitka spruce spars, and sails by Nat Wilson. Asking price $18,000.00. For more information, or to come look at The Apprentice 15 contact Margaret MacLeod or call the office at 207-594-1800.

Commission Boat Building

Commissions also support us practically, as a large portion of the shop operating budget comes from apprentice-built boats. Each boat that leaves the Shop earns valuable revenue which keeps our apprentice program affordable. Our tuition rates allow us to attract a diverse group of participants.

Boat Restoration

We also occasionally commission boat restorations. We evaluate restoration projects based on their value to Shop curriculum. Extensive wooden boat restorations that include work on various parts of the boat are often accepted as apprentice projects. Inquire further if you have a boat that you would like restored.

To speak directly with someone about boat designs and boat commissions, please call 207-594-1800 or send us an email.