Program Fees

Cutting a Stem Rabbet (Rebate)APPRENTICESHIP: CORE and Advanced Boatbuilding

Learning boatbuilding is a demanding natural discipline which involves decisions, care, patience, forethought, and time. Here the apprentice learns through boatbuilding as much as learning the actual technology of construction.

We endeavor to make the 9-month apprenticeship an affordable program that is available to all people. Scholarships are available.


For current tuition fees please contact us: or download 2013 Apprentice Application.


A deposit of $1500 is due upon acceptance of enrollment.
The balance of tuition is due before the start of the first term. The Refund/Deferral Policy applies to tuition payments.

Financial Aid

Scholarship funds are available. Please contact us for more information.

Boatbuilding Intensives

Our Independent Internship program was designed for participants who want to learn the basics of traditional boatbuilding through hands-on experience. Participants who have the most successful internships are curious and self-motivated, but are also willing to seek help and ask questions. The internship is also our most flexible program in terms of schedule and curriculum; we can customize an internship to meet the needs of almost any individual, while maintaining our emphasis on the care and patience required to engage in wooden boatbuilding.

Program fees for the Cooperative Internship are the same as Independent Internship prices. In addition, the applicant’s home institution may charge per credit. Call your academic office to see if any additional fees may apply.

Tuition and fees for 12-Week Boatbuilding Intensive

Tuition for a 12-week intensive is $6,000.00.

For the additional cost of materials, upon completion of their program interns may take their boat home, though there is no obligation to do so. If not purchased by the builder, intern-built Susan skiffs are sold to support Shop programs.


A $600 deposit is due to hold a spot for you at your scheduled time in the Shop. The balance of tuition is due before the start of the program.
The Refund/Deferral Policy applies to tuition payments.

There is an additional fee of $40 to cover the cost of a personal respirator. This fee may be waived if the intern arrives with an approved respirator and appropriate cartridges.