Restore a Boat

Restore Projects Support Our Boat Building Programs.

In addition to new-builds, the Shop occasionally takes on a restoration project that is appropriate to our curriculum. The restoration of a boat can include replanking, reframing, redecking, rebuilding a cabin, installing interior cabinetry, and completing systems work.

Past restoration projects:

  • 22′ 4″ Friendship Sloop
  • Dark Harbor 17
  • 1946 Chris Craft Riviera
  • Prudence Sloop
  • Muscongus Bay Sloop
  • International 500
  • North Haven Dinghy
  • Alton Wallace Westpointer
  • J.O. Brown Rowboat

All restorations projects that are taken on as apprentice projects are carefully reviewed for their educational value. If you have a restoration project that you would like us to consider, please send as much information as possible to: We will need to know the vessel’s make, model, construction, and location. Current photos will be required. Thank you!